How We Can Help


At Deer Creek Animal Clinic, we can help your pets stay healthy through vaccinations, general preventive care, surgical procedures, and imaging. We also offer grooming, microchipping, and an online pharmacy.

To learn about additional services provided at our clinic, please contact us.


Proper vaccination can help protect your pets from preventable, yet serious, diseases. Puppies and kittens usually get their first vaccines at six to eight weeks old. After that, it is important to get booster shots to maintain immunity.

Preventive Care

Just like your own health, preventive care is key to keeping your pet healthy. During a check-up, we will examine your pets, make sure they are protected from pests and parasites, and much more – helping them stay safe and happy.

Our easy-to-use online pharmacy can help you handle your pet’s unique needs. Here, you can find medications, specialized foods, dental care products, and more for dogs and cats. We also have vet-approved treats that pets will love!

Soft Tissue Surgery

Dr. Rowland and our veterinary staff specialize in a range of soft tissue surgical procedures. From diagnosis to recovery, we will ensure you are well-informed and keep the experience as stress-free as possible for you and your pet.

Dental Procedures

Cats and dogs can have many of the same dental issues that people can, like gum disease or broken teeth. Our dental procedures can help, so your pets can get back to eating comfortably, playing, and doing more of what they love.


Our specialized imaging tests give us an accurate picture of your pet’s bones, joints, and organs. Through this, our veterinary staff can better examine your pet, provide the most accurate diagnosis, and customize the right treatments.


With a non-invasive ultrasound, we can examine your pet’s organs. This allows us to locate and assess many internal events, including pregnancy, blockages, and tumors. We make sure to keep this painless test as stress-free as possible.


Our experienced grooming team can help your cats and dogs feel (and look) their best! In addition to improving general hygiene, grooming can help control shedding, reduce the risk of fleas, prevent ear infections, and much more.


Microchips are small electronic chips that are placed with an injection. Clinics and shelters use the included IDs to help reunite lost pets with their owners. Cats and dogs can generally get microchipped as young as eight weeks old.

“Dr. Rowland has always done such an amazing job with Lucky. Her care and recommendations for our older dog have always been so helpful. She genuinely cares about the fur-babies and it absolutely shows!”

Yue Szeto

“We just took our two older cats to Dr. Rowland for the first time. It was the best yearly check-up I’ve experienced. She took the time to pet the cats and talk to them a while… our cats were more relaxed and behaved better than I’ve ever seen before.”

C. Cole

“Dr. Rowland cared for my dog and was so gentle and patient. I really appreciated her thorough communication about the treatment plan. She was so calm and put me at ease. I highly recommend Dr. Rowland and the team...”

Amber Linse